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First Published in 2007

Expanded Second Edition now available on Kobo and Amazon with additional pages and more details about the Characters. This will feature the new cover.

For those that have read the first edition, look inside the new edition for hints on what will be happening in the coming sequal  "The Forth Charm".


The cover for the Second Edition

Originally marked by the publishing company as a novel for children aged 6-8, However the book is of most interest to young adults age 10-15 and the new cover  reflects this.


The Forth Charm is currently in process and should be out in the Fall of 2020. Look forward to the further adventures of the Drammsmit Children as they as they continue to combine their magical skills and their sleuthing abilities to solve supernatural mysteries.


ABout the Author

My path to the Drammsmit mysteries

My interest in reading and writing started early in life. As a child I would often compose stories and read them to my family. Most of these received a lot of chuckles, even where they weren’t meant to be funny, but at least they always held my readers attention. As a young teen I wrote many stories, sometimes with friends who had the same interest in reading and writing sci-fi, which was my biggest interest in books at that time. By the time I was seventeen I had already attempted to get some of my stories published, with no success. After a number of rejections I stopped trying and other then some small poems published in my regiments bulletin, back in my army days, I made an even bigger mistake: I stopped writing. 

In the late seventies I spun my life into a completely different direction. Until then I had been in CEGEP (the Quebec version of a pre-university level education) working towards a degree in business administration with emphasis on accounting. Even though I was in the top five in most subjects I was bored and midway through my final year I left to join the Army.

The next two years proved to be very busy ones indeed. After completing three months of basic training in Nova Scotia I was sent to Calgary, Alberta for trades training. I was learning to drive armored vehicles in preparation for combat. Shortly after completing training our regiment was assigned to do peacekeeping in Cyprus. We arrived there in Oct/79. I spent the next six months on an emotional roller coaster. Excitement, boredom, fear, loneliness amongst others traded places, often all in the same week. I saw violence and cruelty as well as acts of heroism towards complete strangers. Twice we were put on full alert and told to prepare for possible combat, once during the Iranian hostage crisis and the other time when the former Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan. The stories I could tell about those six months….

We returned to Canada in April/80 and I spent a few weeks leave with my parents that influenced my next decision. When I returned to base in Calgary I gave the required six months termination notice. Even that last six months kept me quite busy, from forest fire fighting, to looking for a lost child in the swamps north of Edmonton, to spending 30 days in Germany on war games maneuvers before the fall of the Berlin wall. My commanding officer had wanted me to stay, even offering a future officers training course, but I had decided I did not want to spend my life in the Armed forces. 

 I arrived back home in Montreal, Quebec in December of that year, and immediately started a course in real estate and obtained my agents certificate a few months later. I started working residential but after a couple of years went into the commercial end, selling mainly apartment building. Over the next many years I worked several aspects of my trade, as an agents manager, office manager, bookkeeper, and even secretarial work. 

My re-interest in writing began when my firstborn son was about four years old. He had come into our room because of a nightmare. Well to help him sleep I told him a story about a magic compass I had that would send his nightmare monster away. Well the compass worked as the next night he had the same nightmare and when he grabbed the compass in his dream he banished his monster forever. It was a story I had to write. 

Even though three publishers also rejected this, my interest in writing did not waiver. With four children to write for I always have a captive audience. I write stories for, and about, them and they love it. I also started writing other stories again, including one that became the young teenager novel, ‘Third Times The Charm’. I still have a strong interest in writing sci-fi again, and also love to do writing for magazines, both fiction and non-fiction. 

My reading interests do not always flow along the same line as my writing. Sci-fi & fantasy still interest me but I also enjoy the horror of Stephen King and Dean Koontz as well as the suspense of John Grisham and Douglas Preston, Readers Digest magazine, the Bible, and much more. Recently I have been reading a lot of David Woods and Jeremy Robinson. | Alas there is never enough time in a day.

For hobbies I enjoy reading, writing, golf, sports (active and passive), hiking, computers, TV, movies and especially spending time with my wonderful children, and grand children.

Writing qualifications and memberships


As for my writing qualifications, I have written for a church newsletter, as well as write and edit a high school alumni newsletter and local magazines. I have completed an extended writing course with the LongRidge Writers Group. My education is ongoing, and will be until the day I pass through the pearly gates. 

I have been a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators as well as the Quebec Writers Federation

A Tom Wilkins Mystery

Since readers have been asking

Since readers have been asking

Since readers have been asking

I have had a number of readers ask me if I have any novels in the similar genre for adults. I am pleased to announce that I am nearing completion of a new novel that fits their desires.

A Devil of a Time

Since readers have been asking

Since readers have been asking

What happens when a simple detective, raised in a catholic household is hired by a mysterious man to find someone that is missing?


Since readers have been asking


What happens when this mysterious man starts talking about crazy things, like demons and devils.


Only to find out


The company that has hired this detective tells him that he has to take on this case as the mysterious client is a personal friend of the owner of the company.

Only to find out

Only to find out

Only to find out

That the missing person is not a person at all. He happens to be one of the most powerful demons ever to escape from hell.

With the help of various family members, and a beautiful demonessm he must track down this powerful entity and stop him before he releases hell on earth, all the while trying to protect his soul from the succubus who appears to want to do more than just help him.

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